Collage of participant photos and images used in their 3MT presentations

Fall 2021 3MT® Competition | The Heats

The Heats are the first round of the 3MT® Competition. The top presenters will advance to the final round of the competition.

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Watch the video presentations and learn about the latest research being conducted by graduate students at the University of Kansas. *Closed captions are available for each video presentation by clicking the CC icon on the video menu.

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

  • Image of a family - mom, dad, and child

    Ana Paula G. Mumy - Doctoral Student in Speech Language Pathology

    Does Bilingualism Cause Stuttering?

  • Image of bacteria in a tunnel demonstrating the typical reaction and the expected reaction

    Ayotunde Ikujuni - Doctoral Student in Biochemistry and Biophysics

    Shunt the Tunnels, Shut-in the Drugs!

  • Image of the Sentinel GreenReport Application using Google Earth Engine

    Chen Liang - Doctoral Student in Geography

    Monitoring Vegetation across the United States

  • Illustration of a sick plant with a thermometer in its mouth and a fishbowl on a table

    Laura Y. Podzikowski - Doctoral Student in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

    Plants to Capture Carbon: Why Diversity Matters

  • Image of a scientist looking at beakers and thinking of how different items in nature work together

    Elizabeth Grotemeyer - Doctoral Student in Chemistry

    How Nature Uses Oxygen

  • Collage of three photos - the first one of a person thinking they are anxious; the second one of a person thinking "Un, so, like"; and the final third one is a person with a microphone saying "I can be a public speaker!"

    Matthew Laske - Doctoral Student in Applied Behavioral Science

    Um, So, Like… How do I Become a Better Public Speaker?

  • Image of three children walking down a street with smoke visible in the distance

    Mohsen Fatemi - Doctoral Student in Public Administration

    Energy Justice and Local Governments

  • Image of an elderly scientist looking at a flower receiving light energy, carbon dioxide, and water to produce oxygen

    Priya Singh - Doctoral Student in Chemistry

    Nature - Can We Mimic It?

  • Image a cell with questions as input and output

    Sutton Stegman - Doctoral Student in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

    Small Molecules Connecting Big Mechanisms: Understanding Fundamental Processes of a Cell

  • Image depicting an upward trend arrow with text that reads Inflation + Gold that ends with a man celebrating over bags of gold

    Van H. Nguyen - Doctoral Student in Economics

    Distributional Welfare Effect of Inflation

School of Education and Human Sciences

  • Image of three intersected circles technology, creative activities and virtual connection

    Lauren Zaeske - Doctoral Student in Counseling Psychology

    Adolescent Technology-Use and Creative Activities during COVID-19: A Qualitative Study

  • Image of a woman asleep in bed indicating that social support results in good sleep quality

    Taylor Harris - Doctoral Student in Counseling Psychology

    Social Support Predicts Sleep Quality in People with MS during COVID-19 Pandemic

School of Engineering

  • Image of a nose inhaling all the smoke from several factory towers

    Julia Espinoza - Master's Student in Petroleum Engineering

    The Fight to Achieve Net Zero Emissions

  • Cartoon plane with text indicating jet engine noise and flow control (swirl vanes)

    Lu Zhao - Doctoral Student in Aerospace Engineering

    A New Flow Control Method for Aircraft Noise Reduction

  • Diagram showing a burning vehicle, standard battery model, advanced battery model, and the indicators to measure the XF battery model: core temperature, electrolyte dynamics, and amount of charge

    Nikhil Biju - Master's Student in Mechanical Engineering

    XF Battery Model for Accurate Electric Vehicle Charge Estimation

  • Image of an electric car on the road

    Saumik Sakib Bin Masud - Doctoral Student in Civil Engineering

    Human Behavioral Impact of Automated Systems in Cars

  • Diagram showing a corn stalk, ozone and lignin, and flavoring agents. Text included: "US generates 400 million tons of corn residue per year"

    Steffan Green - Master's Student in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

    From Agricultural Residues to Value-added Products

  • Image of a brain with waves coming in and a computer network coming out

    WeiHsien (Willy) Lee - Doctoral Student in Bioengineering

    Can AI Read Your Mind?

School of Music

  • Three images: (1) person in front of a window with headphones on, (2) Hand writing on a music sheet, and (3) someone playing a violin

    Tanya Honerman - Doctoral Student in Music Theory

    Error Detection is an Essential Musical Ability

    School of Pharmacy

    • Image showing natural versus unnatural amino acids in peptide drugs, indicating that natural amino acids have limited applications and poor drug properties, while unnatural amino acids have untapped potential and improved medicines.

      Jacob R. Immel - Doctoral Student in Medicinal Chemistry

      Building Peptide Drugs with Unnatural Amino Acids