Fall 2023 3MT® Competition | The Finals

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

  • Image of a father reading to his son.

    Samantha Ghali, Doctoral Student in Child Language

    Strategies Bilingual Parents Use to Help Their Children Learn to Read

  • Graphics and images showing factory production based on uranium.

    Riddhi Golwankar, Doctoral Student in Chemistry

    Unlocking Uranium's Potential

  • Sequential images showing a large hadron collider, followed by a collision detector, collisions data and a clock.

    Margaret Lazarovits, Doctoral Student in Physics

    Searching for Science Fiction through Space and Time

School of Education and Human Sciences

  • Diagram including the hierarchy of self actualization, people, perspective, process and belonging with a center image that reads "missing pieces of belonging".

    Abhishek Juneja, Doctoral Student in Educational Psychology and Research

    Belonging: The Missing Pieces

    School of Engineering

    • X-ray image of a knee and a focused image showing infection vs cement

      Kara Hageman, Doctoral Student in Bioengineering

      The Material Team to Beat Orthopedic Infection

    • Image showing that a DNA strand plus circuit equals a doctor giving someone good news.

      Quentin Jarrell, Master's Student in Bioengineering

      Unravelling our Genetic Puzzle

    • Images portraying today's reality through the photo of a farmer and farmer's almanac; drought;  and observation view from space.

      Payal Makhasana, Doctoral Student in Civil Engineering

      Predicting Drought from Space